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Download this repo and install the dependencies.

Application dependencies

The application uses Pipenv to manage Python packages. While in development, you will need to install all dependencies:

$ pipenv shell
$ pipenv install --dev

If you wish to use a version of Python higher than 3.7:

$ pipenv --python 3.8 install --dev

You will need to set the variables in .env.example, and rename the file to .env.


You might also need to install additional packages, depending on the backend wallet you use. E.g. when you want to use LND you have to pipenv run pip install lnd-grpc.

Take a look at Polar for an excellent way of spinning up a Lightning Network dev environment.

Running the server

LNbits uses Quart as an application server.

$ pipenv run python -m lnbits


The frontend uses Vue.js and Quasar.